Good Practices

The Partners of SUM PROJECT are developing Regional Practices Studies on sustainable mobility, including the identification and analysis of regional experiences on sustainable urban mobility, grouped in the following areas: Electric Mobility, Bio-Fuels and Other Sustainable Practices. Each partner is preparing the survey for the region and providing an update on each topic in the Thematic Workshops celebrated throughout the Project.

The identification of the most effective practices for sustainable urban mobility between all the studies is the final target and to find the greater potential for transferability, as well as drafting the Implementation Plan that will describe the process of implementing these good practices.


A Guide of Good Practices

A Guide of Good Practices Annexe Good Practices

Guide of good practices

Annexe Good Practices



Guía de buenas prácticas

Guía de buenas prácticas Annexe Good Practices

Guía de buenas prácticas

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