NEWS - The Project's European partners of SUM Project are launching GREEN DREAM, a photo contest targeting people over 14 years of age. You can win an electric bike! Click the links to download the regulation and the application form.

Regulation of Green Dreams

Application form



On the 29th of October 2013 the Green Dream Team announced the winners of the Green Dream Photo Contest. The Project’s partners, under the supervision of Messina Municipality, launched Green Dream Contest on the 1st of September in order to foster the creativity and awareness of European citizens about urban mobility issues, encouraging them to depict the impact of urban mobility on the areas, districts and environment where they live, work, study and travel. During the contest, Green Dream Team received over 50 photos but only 31, which abided by the requirements, had been admitted to the social contest.

On the 30th of September, the Stage I of the photo contest had been concluded, including the internet voting system through Sustainable Urban Mobility Facebook website. The first 10 photos that received the highest score had been evaluated by the Technical Committee, composed by Sum project partners. In this context, all Partners cooperated by voting and scoring the first 10 photos selected by citizens indicating a score on 3 main issues: relevance of the photo's central theme with respect to the project objectives; originality and creativity of the photo.



The Meetings of the Steering Committee will count with the participation of one or two members of each of the entities composing the partnership of the project. Their main aim is to get a proper coordination of the members of the partnership and the project activities, monitoring if the expected outputs and results are being achieved according to schedule.

There are a total of 5 Meetings of the Steering Committee, one per semester of project implementation


Their objective is to get media impact on the project and its activities.

The 15 first conferences are celebrated in each of the regions of the project partners in the first semester of project implementation. They inform on the project approval and offer general information about the project, its objectives and actions to be developed.

The three following Press Conferences (16, 17 and 18) aim to announce the celebration of each of the Interregional Workshops, while the last one informs on the closure of the project and the results achieved.


The Thematic Workshops aim to present and analyze the information collected by each partner in the various regional studies where good practices were identified. They promote the knowledge exchange and the joint reflection on each of the practices collected under the regional studies.

There are a total of 3 Thematic Workshops during the project lifetime, each one related to a different thematic area (electric mobility, sustainable fuels and other).


The main purpose of the Interregional Visits is to identify the most effective and transferable policies and 

practices and learn from them.

There are a total of 3 Interregional Visits, each of them related to a different thematic (electric mobility, sustainable fuels and other).


In this event the project partners agree the contents of the Guide of Best Practices assuming the principles of effectiveness and transferability of policies and the different practices identified in sustainable urban mobility.


Each partner organizes a meeting with local stakeholders to define and concrete the Implementation Plan each entity must prepare two months after these meetings.

In these meetings, partners explain those more interesting initiatives and ideas treated along the project to such stakeholders in order to reflect such ideas in an implementation plan which can better fit in the area.


This event is organized by the Lead Partner and presents the results achieved in the project to an audience composed of authorities, interest groups and experts on sustainable mobility.