The aim of this component is to create a critical mass of sustainable mobility support by publicizing the activities and achievements of the project to relevant stakeholders with a relation with sustainable mobility policies and citizenship.

The base of this component is the Communication and Information Plan, which acts as the cornerstone of every activity under this component. It sets the procedures to follow related to communication in all the actions to carry out within the project.

The Website of the project is also a key aspect of this component, as it is the place which provides information and details the objectives, partners, activities and results of the project, serving as well as a platform of communication for the exchange of knowledge and experiences and for the dissemination of the different materials created under the project.

Press Releases and Press Conferences aim to get media impact on the project and its activities, announcing both the beginning and some milestones and key events.

On the other hand, dissemination materials such as Newsletters and Brochures are especially useful for achieving the knowledge of the project and its activities by those stakeholders with a high interest in the initiative. Similarly, the creation of a Profile of the Project in the most important Social Networks collaborates to the dissemination of the project and the exchange of experiences between partners and stakeholders.

Finally, a Closing Event is celebrated in order to show the final results of the project.


Jan 2012 – June 2014 (30 months)

Main Outputs and Results:

1 Communication and Information Plan

1 Project website

19 press conferences.

5 press releases.

5 newsletters created

15,000 copies of newsletters distributed

2 brochures created

4,000 copies of brochures disseminated

2 Groups created in social networks (Facebook and Twitter)

1 Closing Event

20 dissemination events organized

80 articles/appearances in press and media

250 participants in events

300 visits per month on operation’s website

1.500 Social Groups followers

150 non partner authorities informed of the project