This component aims to ensure an effective project management, reaching goals and indicators, preventing conflicts and ensuring an effective information exchange.

At the beginning of the project implementation it is signed by all the partners the “Partnership Agreement”, the legal document that details the functions and responsibilities of each partner in relation to the implementation of project activities.

It is created a Steering Committee, composed of two representatives of each partner, which is the body responsible for the management and decision making, and a Technical Committee, formed by one person from each of the partners and which provides specialized knowledge to the partnership.

Representatives of the Steering Committee meet every six months in order to get a proper coordination of the members of the partnership and the project activities, monitoring if the expected outputs and results are being achieved according to schedule.

In a maximum period of time of two months after the end of each semester, all the partners provide reports on the activities implemented by each of them to the Lead Partner. Then, the Lead Partner prepares a report on the activities implemented in that previous period, adding information from all partners. This report is submitted to the JTS with copy to all partners.

At the end of the implementation period, a Final Report is submitted to the JTS with copy to all partners.

For the proper development of this component, a Manual of Internal Procedures is designed by the Lead Partner and put at the disposal of all the partners. This document contains information related to the project and its different actions, establishing a useful methodology so that the different project partners can obtain in a structured and intuitive way all the tasks they are committed with.

Schedule: Jan 2012 – June 2014 (30 months)

Main Outputs and Results:

1 Manual of Internal Procedures (MIP)

1 Agreement between the partners (Partnership Agreement)

5 Steering Committee Meetings

5 Minutes of the Steering Committee Meetings (1 each 6 months)

5 Progress Reports.

1 Final Report.